Employment- and family-sponsored
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Family-Sponsored Immigration

Children, parents and spouses of United States citizens and permanent residents can generally obtain permanent residence. Some may need to apply from abroad; some may be eligible to apply while in the United States. We discuss each case with the client to determine what is appropriate for the client’s family. We will assist the client in assembling the necessary documentation, then prepare and submit all required forms to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Parents and spouses of United States citizens, as well as children under the age of 21, are able to immigrate to the United States fairly quickly, because they are not subject to quotas. Children older than 21, and relatives of permanent residents, are subject to quotas that sometimes delay their cases for many years. It is often worthwhile to explore other means of immigration for these relatives, so that families need not be separated for an extended period of time.

The approximate waiting times for those subject to quotas can be found on the Department of State Visa Bulletin.


In addition to meeting with clients in our office, we offer convenient consultations for simple questions by telephone and e-mail. We request that the client fax us his or her immigration paperwork, then we call or write to discuss the client’s immigration alternatives. We always deduct our low consultation fee from future invoices for substantive work.

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