“Ralphe” and his family are from a Western European nation, and have always been able to travel freely to the United States without visas, simply because of their country of citizenship. This blanket permission applies to a number of other countries around the world. However, like anyone else in the world, Ralphe’s family was not allowed to work while in the US, unless they got specialized visas that would allow them to so.

For years, the family has been visiting relatives who live near one of the tourist destination cities in Florida. They have loved the visits, and have dreamed for years of moving to that location. At the same time, Ralphe has been in the restaurant business for many years, in culinary as well as management positions. It has always been his dream to own his own restaurant, with an organic, locally-sourced menu.

Ralphe and his family are about to achieve their dreams. The family has purchased a building that they will convert into a restaurant, including a rooftop garden that will be their source of fruits, vegetables, and even eggs from chickens that will live on the roof! By providing the US government with detailed financial, design and marketing plans for the restaurant, as well as evidence that they have made the required investment, the family easily received E-2 Treaty Investor visas, and will soon arrive in the United States to live their dream while providing employment for several local residents, as well as delicious, healthy meals for residents of and tourists to their destination city!

I hope to visit within the next year to try out the food – I have seen the proposed menu and can’t wait!

Nancy M. Vizer

Author Nancy M. Vizer

Ms. Vizer has experience in most aspects of immigration law and has participated on panels at several continuing legal education seminars concerning immigration topics. She has also made presentations to both faculty and human resources staff at a number of universities in connection with immigration employment issues.

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