Vivien is a member of her country’s military, working in the country’s embassy in Washington, DC. Using a top security clearance, she works in high levels of scientific research relevant to military endeavors, and shares her research and expertise with US counterparts, also working with the US and international defense industries. Vivien has been living in the United States with her family for many years, and wishes to retire from her country’s military and remain after her diplomatic assignment is over.

A significant portion of Vivien’s expertise is not classified, and would be extremely valuable to the US defense industry. However, she does not have a current job offer. In fact, while still in her country’s military, it would violate her ethical responsibilities to search for a job, or even discuss a position with a potential US employer within the industry where her skills could be put to use.

The best route to permanent residence for her was therefore EB-1A, demonstrating to the US government that she is an alien of extraordinary ability in the sciences. Our firm was able to help Vivien assemble the necessary documents to meet this very high standard, and present her case in such a way that it was quickly approved. This very complex application was the first, but most difficult step of her application process. Now that she has this initial approval, she and her family will be able to quickly assemble and complete their final applications for permanent residence when her retirement from the military draws near.

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