Employment- and family-sponsored immigration with personalized service, for clients worldwide


Employment- And Family-Sponsored Immigration With Personalized Service, For Clients Worldwide

Nancy M Vizer PC – Immigration Attorneys Chicago

Nancy M. Vizer, P.C. is a law firm devoted exclusively to immigration, specializing in family and employment sponsored cases. We help each of our clients pursue his or her own version of the American dream. We have worked with carpenters and chemists, taxi drivers and transportation engineers. Some of our clients have sailed through the system, while some cases had challenges that took years to overcome. In each case, we have supported our clients throughout, standing by their side until they achieved their goal. Read some of our clients’ stories on our blog.

Ms. Vizer, as well as her team, all come from families with recent immigrant backgrounds, which helps them to understand our clients’ hopes and dreams for a future in America, as well as their longing for the family and friends left behind.

We work with clients nationwide, as well as those who are not yet in the US.

We review each client’s case comprehensively, and weigh all options, including immigration benefits that may be available to other family members. Our fees are always reasonable. We provide most services for a flat fee so that our clients know exactly what to expect.

In addition to meeting with clients at our office, we offer convenient telephone consultations for those who are unable to travel to Chicago. We provide the clients with a questionnaire and request relevant documents in advance, so that we can be fully informed about their unique circumstances and provide the best possible advice.

We welcome you as a client of Nancy M. Vizer, P.C. However if you choose to work with another firm, please protect yourself by avoiding immigration scams. Make sure to work with a law firm, not an unauthorized provider of immigration services, who often do their clients more harm than good.

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Client Reviews

Appointments for brief telephone and e-mail consultations always available.

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Antiguos clientes de nuestra oficina de Virginia todavía pueden comunicarse con nosotros al (703) 536-6999

Podremos referirlo a otro bufete local de abogados de inmigración.

Former clients of our Virginia office may still reach us at (703) 536-6999

We will be able to refer you to another local immigration law firm.


US Citizenship

We have assisted hundreds of clients to obtain their US citizenship. This process is available to those who have had permanent residence for either five years (most applicants), four years (asylum beneficiaries) or three years (those who were sponsored for permanent residence by US citizen spouses). The process involves a complete background check, as well as a US civics exam.

Employment-Sponsored Immigration

We work with several categories of immigrant (permanent residence) employment sponsorship. Our attorneys help clients select the category that best suits their skills and employment situation, and then guide the clients through the complicated steps involved in obtaining permanent residence.

Family-Sponsored Immigration

We work with US citizens, as well as permanent residents, to either bring their family members to the United States or help them stay, if they are already here.

DREAMers Immigration

We work with DACA’s to renew their status, or apply for the first time as appropriate. In some cases, our consultations reveal that the clients are eligible for permanent residence and we then help them transition to this next step up the immigration ladder.

Client Reviews

We engaged Nancy Vizer to support us with a family immigration matter. We would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with immigration.
Nancy tells you all of the options, is honest and accurate in providing estimates on how much time something will take (the wait can be painful), and makes sure that you have everything lined up to get all the appropriate documents filed properly and in a timely manner.
We have nothing negative to say about Nancy. She is a requisite professional who is very responsive. Thank you Nancy. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Chicago family

I can't say enough about Nancy. Not only did she help my husband and me out with our immigration problems, she never made me feel ignorant or undereducated like some lawyers have done in the past. She never talked above me but considered our feelings at all times. She's been a lifesaver to me on other occasions as well. I recommend Nancy wholeheartedly. I only wish she practiced in every field of law possible. You don't get much better.


We have known Nancy for several years. Nancy was an excellent advocate for our case. She knows the immigration process very well and is very flexible with clients as to fees. Nancy also does an excellent job of explaining difficult parts of the immigration process. We would definitely recommend her.

Saba and John

Nancy Vizer is an expert at immigration law and an honest adviser to her clients. Before selecting her as my lawyer, I visited and interviewed several immigration lawyers, but I chose her because of her proven record and orientation to detail. She always took the time to answer all of my questions as well as raise my attention to aspects, important to my case, which I was forgetting or overlooking. Nancy was easy to reach (evenings, weekends, or holidays) and she followed up on all of my inquiries. I have already recommended her to friends and will confidently do this in the future too.


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February 3, 2023

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ClientsEmployment-Sponsored Immigration
November 9, 2019

Ralphe’s Restaurant

“Ralphe” and his family are from a Western European nation, and have always been able to travel freely to the United States without visas, simply because of their country of…
June 21, 2019

Mauricio’s Medical Dreams

Mauricio has always wanted to be a doctor. He had gotten DACA status but was still unable to attend medical school because the school he wished to attend did not…
June 20, 2019

Hermosa’s High School Sweetheart

Hermosa is in her mid fifties. But about forty years ago, she came to the United States as an exchange student. During those months, she met Roger, and the two…

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